291 to 300

No. 291
The Head Priest said, “Shin Buddhism is a school for lifetime students who constantly revere the teaching they receive.”

浄土真宗はどこまでも「教えを仰ぐ」という生徒の心。    (住職の言)
No. 292
The Head Priest said, “People complain they cannot understand the meaning of the nembutsu, but that is really quite alright. It is because we don’t understand it that we listen to the teaching of the nembutsu.”

No. 293
The Head Priest said, “We know ‘we are ignorant’. An awareness of this fact is of vital importance.”

わかっていない自分。その心が大事です。  (住職の言)
No. 294
The Head Priest said, “To learn how to learn is the Buddha-dharma.”

No. 295
The Head Priest said, “All that we ordinary beings can do is simply bow our heads. When we come to consider why it is our parents do so much for us, who have done nothing for them, we come naturally to respect and revere them.”

我々凡夫は、ただ頭を下げるだけ。何もしていない自分に、親はなぜここまでして下さるのか。そう考えると自然と拝めてくる。    (住職の言)
No. 296
The Head Priest said, “It is of vital importance as we journey in the way of the nembutsu to know whether we have an awareness of sin or not. If we do have such an awareness, then we can also become aware of our good past karma.”

罪の意識を持っているか否かはお念佛の道において大切なこと。罪の意識を持っていれば、宿善に返れる。    (住職の言)
No. 297
The Head Priest said, “On our journey to seek after truth it is more important for us to go back to our own problems than to think about serious external affairs.”

No. 298
The Head Priest said, “Making a friend will bring you encouragement and you will find joy welling up inside you. This will lead you to change quite naturally.”

友人ができると励みになり、そこから楽しみが生まれ、自ずと自分が変わってくる。    (住職の言)
No. 299
A temple follower said, “Whenever I’m given the chance to listen to the Buddha-dharma, I never understand it and forget it immediately. Therefore I visit the temple every day.”

佛法、お聞かせにあずかっても一向わからんし、直ぐ忘れてしまう私やからこそ、毎日、お寺詣りさせてもらっています。    (お同行の言)
No. 300
Reverend Kemmyo Sato, Director of Three Wheels, stated, “The experience of listening to His Holiness the Dalai Lama has confirmed for me the truth of the Shin Buddhist teaching that I have long been following, in England as in Japan.

ダライ・ラマ法王の話を聞いて、私自身が英国の地で聞いてきた真実の教えを改めて確認させて頂いた。    (三輪精舎主管・顕明師の言)