261 to 270

No. 261
The Head Priest said, “The Buddha-dharma is not what we understand but what we continue to listen to.”

佛法は「わかる」ことではなく、「聞き続ける」ことです。 (住職の言)
No. 262
The Head Priest said, “If you don’t think of others but only of yourself, conflict will arise.”

他の人のことを思わず、自分のことばかり考えていたら、戦争になります。    (住職の言)
No. 263
The Head Priest said, “The true source of the dana (giving) mind lies in the fact that our parents have brought us up, their small and helpless children, with devoted and unconditional love.”

何の功績もない私を、両親が無償で、献身的に育てて下さった事実に、布施の心の根元はあります。    (住職の言)
No. 264
The Head Priest said, “How can encounter best be described? It is not that we come to realize the minds of others on our own but that our minds and those of others change in line with one another during such encounter.”

出会いがおこるということは、他人の頭脳を理解するのでなく、その時、自らの脳も相手の脳も変容しているのです。    (住職の言)
No. 265
An old priest said, “Filial piety is responding to the true intention of our parents, not following our own imagination.”

自分の想像ではなく、親の本意にかなうことが、親孝行。  (ある老僧分の言)
No. 266
The Head Priest said, “It is through our bodies that we listen to the Buddha-dharma. By using our bodies we learn it. Buddhism understood by our brains is all but useless.”

佛法の聞き場所は体。体を使って佛法を学ばせて頂く。頭で理解している佛教はほとんど役に立ちません。  (住職の言)
No. 267
A young man living at the temple said, “In the past I always thought the reason I found myself here at the temple was to escape suffering and attain happiness. But then the Head Priest told me, ‘The moment you become aware of your suffering is the moment you begin to understand how meaningful it is for you to listen to others with great humility.’ I shall never forget those words.”

「苦しいから楽になりたい、だからお寺に来ている」と思っていた。ご住職から「苦しみが生まれてきたら、頭を下げて、人に聞いていくことの意味の深さがいただけてくる出発ですよ」といわれた。このお言葉は一生忘れられない。  (寺内止住の若者の言)
No. 268
A young man living at the temple said, “I understood that the purpose of living at the temple was to look back over my past. Then the Head Priest said to me, ‘Listen to those around you and take their words to heart as a personal challenge to you. In that way you will be able to comprehend your past in a deeper dimension’.”

自分の寺内止住の目標は、「今までの過去を顧みていくこと」と思っていました。しかしご住職から「先ず、すぐそばの人の声を聞いて、それがいつも自分自身 への問いかけであると思いなさい。そうすると自身の歴史がもっともいただけてくる」と言って頂きました。    (寺内止住の若者の言)
No. 269
The Head Priest said, “If you lie merely to protect yourself, the number of friends you will lose in the future will far exceed the number of friends you have at present.

自分だけを守るために嘘をつくことは、目の前の何倍かの人を失うことです。 (住職の言)
No. 270
A young man, who had just entered a taya house, said, “My purpose in coming to live in this taya house is to understand how it is my parents are so full of light living here.”

多屋に入っている両親が、なぜ、あんなに明るくしているのかを知ることが、今からの多屋止住の私の目標です。 (多屋入居の若者の言)