251 to 260

No. 251
The Head Priest said, “When we suffer, others become mirrors that reflect ourselves and teach us how to solve our problems.”

苦しい時、自身の問題を解く糸口は、人様が「鏡」になって教えて下さいます。 (住職の言)
No. 252
The Head Priest said, “Our way of seeking after truth in our daily lives is neither meeting with the world of nature nor understanding the principle or theory of the Dharma. Our way is the process of transforming ourselves in our daily lives through our encounter with good friends (all the Buddhas).”

日常の求道は、別に自然界と出会うことでもなく、法理、法論が深く解るわけでもありません。日々の苦楽を通して身近な人(諸佛)に会って、心が転じていくこと以外にありません。    (住職の言)
No. 253
The Head Priest said, “Shin Buddhist similes such as ‘light’ and ‘ocean’ are the deep and luminous expressions that reflect our joy at meeting the nembutsu welling forth from within.”

浄土真宗で表す「光」とか、「海」という表現は、お念佛が称えられるに至った喜びを映し出している底光りのような「光」です。    (住職の言)
No. 254
The Head Priest said, “When you come to reflect on how it is you are able to live your daily lives, then the path to the Pure Land will be opened up to you.”

どうして生かさせて貰っているかと思い至るとそこからお浄土の方向が開かれてきます。 (住職の言)
No. 255
The teaching of the Pure Land was revealed when Ananda discovered Shakyamuni as the ‘Buddha of Light’.”

阿難尊者がお釈迦様を「光の佛さま」として発見して以来、お浄土の御教えが開かれました。  (住職の言)
No. 256
The Head Priest said, “In contrast to nothingness, Emptiness is the way in which things are revealed by means of their negation.”

「空」とは、「無」とは異なって、ものごとを否定することによって明らかになってくるという道筋です。    (住職の言)
No. 257
The Head Priest said, “Taya life is a way of living daily life in which one experiences true encounter.”

「多屋生活」とは、日常生活のままが、本来的出会いの場となっているところです。 (住職の言)
No. 258
The Head Priest said, “The ‘Original Prayer’ is the expression of the great compassion through which Tathagata awakens us to our fundamental task of ‘benefiting self and others’, a task that lies at the root of our existence. That is a prayer of incomparable depths.”

「本願」とは、私の根底にある「自利利他」の根本課題を気づかせて下さる如来様の大悲です。何にも比べようがない深い願いです。    (住職の言)
No. 259
The Head Priest said, “Looking back over his life before enlightenment, Daigyoin-sama declared that the only thing he had learned through academic study had been the importance of ‘benefiting self and others’. In other words, the importance of true encounter with people is ‘the only academic knowledge’ we need for our birth in the Pure Land.”

「自利利他こそが唯一の学問であった」とは、先師・大行院様のお悟り直前のお言葉です。言い換えれば、人と本来的出会いをすることが、私どもの往生浄土への「唯一の学問」です。    (住職の言)
No. 260
The Head Priest said, “True encounter is ultimately the rediscovery of the Parental Mind that has been waiting and waiting for our awakening.”

私の本来的出会いとは、結局待って、待って、待って下さる親心の発見でした。  (住職の言)